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Greenville SRT competes


The Greenville Police Department Special Response team recently competed in the State Swat Competition.

SRT competed in four events; Sniper challenge, log carry team challenge, sniper initiated team challenge and the iron man event. The log carry team challenge involved four team members in full gear carrying an 8-ft utility pole for a distance of 50-yards with a 5th team member in full gear riding on top of the pole.  The 5th man then gets off the pole and they set it down. All five then run and shoot 9 rounds each at specific targets. They then run back to the pole and carry it back 50-yards to the starting point with the 5th man hanging on the pole as they carry it. SRT finished in 2nd place in both the sniper challenge and log carry team challenge.

SRT finished in the bottom of the pack in the other two events. By losing the last two events they were knocked out of the top three spots overall.

SRT team leader Justin Lovvorn said, “The team had a good showing overall with just a couple of breaks that didn’t go our way this year. Unfortunately, that’s all it takes when competing against the quality of teams we were up against. Lee County SWAT team came in first place while Tuscaloosa PD Team One came in second place and Tuscaloosa PD Team Two came in third place.  They do not rank teams after they list the top three so it is hard to say where we finished exactly.”

The SRT team finished in second place last year and is not willing to let this loss slow them down. Training will continue.

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