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Bryan announces retirement

Amy Bryan is pictured with a class of Head Start students. (Bruce Branum/The Standard)

Amy Bryan is pictured with a class of Head Start students. (Bruce Branum/The Standard)


Butler County School System (BCSS) Superintendent Amy Bryan has announced her plans to retire on June 30.

Upon her retirement, Bryan will have spent her entire career in education with the BCSS in various roles.

“Though I will retire with 30 years of service credit, I will have completed 29 actual working years all in Butler County Schools,” said Bryan. “I was an English teacher for thirteen years, a central office administrator with several different titles over the next thirteen years and now three years as superintendent.”

Bryan says she has enjoyed her time in education and she is proud of the many positives she has been a part of with the BCSS.

“I hope we’ve improved community support and confidence in our schools through our communications works,” stated Bryan. “I know we’ve kept BCSS competitive on the state and national radar with numerous recognitions, awards and accomplishments.”

Bryan added her work with and support of Bright Beginnings and the career-tech academies have been two of things she has enjoyed seeing grow and make an impact on student success.

“Though not one of these accomplishments is attributed to me alone, I am proud of too many to list,” said Bryan.

Although she is looking forward to her retirement, in particular spending more time with her family, she will miss many of the people with whom she has worked.

“The BOE employees are my work family and friends,” said Bryan. “I’m often called ‘Amy’ rather than Mrs. Bryan because everyone knew me that way first. I will miss the daily interactions with so many good folks.”

Bryan added that she has high hopes for the next superintendent of the BCSS.

“We all want our students’ achievement scores to not only meet but exceed national averages so a person that has a vision and plan for improving student learning would be my choice,” said Bryan. “I have confidence that our board will find a perfect person.”




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