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Wilie Fred Jenkins




A recent parolee, Wilie Fred Jenkins who was supposed to be serving a life sentence, has committed criminal felony crimes in Butler and Lowndes counties and has been arrested for those acts.

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden said, “On Feb. 1, we received a call in reference to a victim that had been raped in the north part of Butler County. We worked it and got a suspect, arrested Jenkins and charged him with Rape 1st, Sodomy 1st and Kidnapping 1st.

In 2002, he was sentenced to life in prison out of Wilcox County. On Aug. 8, 2016, he was paroled and we arrested him on Aug. 16, 2016 for Enticing a child with immoral purposes on two counts and he was placed back into jail. Our investigator testified at the parole hearing but the Board granted Jenkin’s parole.”

State Representative Chris Sells said, “I pledge that I will research this and find out what’s going on. This is terrible and the state needs to do everything we can to keep these violent criminals behind bars.”

In addition, Sheriff Harden stated they had arrested three juveniles in reference to a robbery committed on Jan. 18 by three black males against an elderly lady. Sheriff Harden said, “On Feb. 3, the Butler County Sheriff’s Department arrested three juveniles, two the age of 17 and one 16, for a robbery they committed on County Road 50.” He added, “They are being charged with Robbery 1st, Possession of marijuana, Burglary 3rd and Theft of property 2nd. It was a good day for us when we can get somebody off the streets like that.”

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