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Stryker named Superintendent

Strycker named superintendent

The Greenville Standard

Dr. John Strycker has been named the new superintendent of Butler County Schools. Strycker was chosen from a group of four finalists: Jennifer Burt, Reginald Eggerston, Joseph Eiland and Dr. John Strycker.
According to board members, Dr. Strycker was chosen for his 13-years’ experience. Dr. Strycker is the current superintendent of Algonac Community Schools in Algonac, Mich.
“With the experience that they all had and with their resumes and their work history it made for a very difficult process. That’s one reason why we extended the day as long as we did, to hear from all of them and to make sure we got the information we needed to come up with a decision.” said Michael Nimmer, President of the Butler County School Board.
During a recent interview, Dr. Strycker was asked what his interest in Alabama was.
“Recently I married my junior high sweetheart, who lives in North Carolina now, and she did not want to live up north. I started searching for a job in the southeast region. The BCSS Superintendent Job was one of the postings I found and it seemed like a good fit.”
Dr. Strycker has a plan already worked out, a 100 day plan to be exact. Before that plan goes into action, Dr. Strycker will do what he calls a listening tour.
“That’s my number one objective headed into this job. We teach the little kids in elementary school to listen first and then seek to be understood.”
Dr. Strycker takes over as superintendent in June.

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  1. ANDREW GARSHOTT on April 28, 2020 at 7:39 am

    The Good Dr left Algonac School because they were not going to renew his Contract, and I ran him out of town personally for what he did to my son. He is a narcissistic and a very evil person. Google Algonac school board Meeting special Andrew Garshott, he threaten to fire teachers, he had the algebra teacher flanken on his final exam when he scored a 95% and they would not produce the test to me so I could see it and know for sure that he dead he put my kid in such a deep depression that I thought he committed suicide one day this guy is a sick son of a bitch I’ve had several conversations with them I do not know how he gets away what he did and to say he moved to get married is a lie. He Hung out at stripper clubs and was with at least six women in this town and his a a homosexual to it makes him a swinger I got a file on him an inch thick and can prove everything it’s a shame that he fooled you guys because Algonac was so glad that he left

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