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This day in sports history


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Today, I will discuss Pooley Hubert, a College Football Hall of Fame player.

Hubert played quarterback/fullback at Alabama from 1922-1925.

Hubert fought in World War I and dropped out of high school to do that.

He attended Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, Missouri.

He was going to Princeton but did not get there in time.

He enrolled as a 20-year-old freshman and his first position was tackle. He then moved to the backfield and also played defensive back.

In 1924, Alabama finished at 8-1 as Southern Conference Champions. Hubert was named All-Southern Conference Quarterback.

In 1925, he led Alabama to its first national championship and made All-Southern second year in a row.

Alabama played Washington in the 1926 Rose Bowl. Hubert scored Alabama’s first touchdown on a run and threw two touchdown passes to Johnny Mack Brown.

Alabama won 20-19. This game is known as “The Game that changed the South”.

Hubert became the head coach at Southern Miss from 1931-36 with a 26-24-5 record, at VMI 43-45-8.

He also coached at Waynesboro, Ga., as a high school coach and owned a peach orchard.

Coach Hubert passed away on Feb. 26, 1978 in Augusta, Ga., at the age of 76.

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