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This day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


Bill Davis (pk) (1971-73) was from Columbus, Ga. and was a starter on the 1973 National Championsip Team. His older brothers, Tim and Steve, kicked at Bama during the 1960’s.

Bucky Berrey (pk) (1974-76) saved Alabama from total embarrassment by kicking the winning field goal against Florida State University. The Seminoles had a 16 game losing streak.

Roger Chapman (pk) (1977-78) was from Hartselle. He was a left footed kicker. He played 1977 and one game in 1978 as starting Kicker.

Alan McElroy (pk) (1978-79) was from Tuscaloosa. He started from second game of 1978 and 1979. He kicked the winning field goal vs LSU in 1979. The final was 3-0. He was the starting kicker on the 1978-79 National championship Teams.

Peter Kim (pk) (1980-82) was a transfer from Honolulu, Hawaii. He was the first soccer style kicker at Alabama.

Greg Gantt (p) (1971-73) was from Birmingham and went to Woodlawn. In his senior year, he averaged 48.0 yards a punt. Gantt only punted 25 times the whole year. He didn’t qualify as the number one punter in the nation.

Rod Nelson (p) (1974-76) was from Birmingham and went to Homewood. He moved up to the varsity after a JV game. He punted left footed.

Buddy Holt (p) (1977) was from Demopolis and transferred from Marion Institute. He kicked an 82 yarder vs Vanderbilt. The next two years, he played tight end and special teams.

Woody Umphrey (p) (1978-80) was from Urbana-Bourbana. Ill. His punting in the Sugar Bowl vs Penn State kept them penned up. He was also a left footed punter.

Malcolm Simmons (p) (1981-82) was from Montgomery and went to Jeff Davis. He earned his way as punter and worked hard. He is now a doctor and was the last punter of the Wishbone Era.

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