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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


Today I will discuss the week of Nov. 25, 1978.

On Monday Nov. 20, we returned to practice after taking a week off. The polls were released on Monday.

Nebraska dropped to number seven, after losing to Missouri 35-31. Alabama moved up to number two behind Penn State.

The Iron Bowl was still a week away. After practice on Thanksgiving we had a big Thanksgiving dinner that night at Bryant Hall.

On Saturday, the JV team played Auburn’s JV team at Legion Field. Several players who played on the varsity played in this game. The players I remember playing were quarterback Don Jacobs and running back John Turpin.

At halftime of that game, ex-quarterbacks from Alabama and Auburn had a throwing contest. Believe it or not former Alabama quarterback Jack O’Rear threw the ball further than former Auburn quarterback Pat Sullivan, the 1971 Heisman Trophy winner.

Turpin ran for 142 yards, but it went for naught, the Auburn JV won 23-17.

After the game, Dale Palmer and his girlfriend Debra, who is now his wife, introduced to a friend of theirs named Gail. She was very pretty. Every time I see Dale and Debra, I ask them how Gail is doing.

Next week, I will discuss Dec. 2, 1978.

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