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On this day in sports history


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I am on Facebook,like a lot of people, are.  On January 8th, Alabama beat Georgia 26-23 for it’s 17th national championship.

After that happened some people on started to say Alabama has won several national championships, that were illegitimate. I will present the case of Alabama claims.

Before 1936 -There was different selectors. Berryman, Houlgate System, Billingsley, Helms to name a few.The AP poll was established in 1936.Source of information is Wikipedia. Google Alabama

1925 Football Team or any of the championship teams to see what is written here.

Wikipedia is the backup on this article. 1925-The NCAA retroactively deemed Alabama as national champions.

1926-Retroactively named national champions by Berryman QPRS, Billingsley Report, CFB Researchers Association, Poling, Co-Champs-Helms Athletic Foundation, National Championship Foundation.1930-Named National Champions by QPRS, CFRA, Sagarin.

1934-Named National Champions by Berryman, Dunkel, Houlgate, Poling and Williamson. Sports Writer Morgan Blake said This Alabama team was best ever college football team he had ever saw.

1941-Alabama finished (9-2) was picked national champions by the Houlgate System.Look up Houlgate system on Wikipedia. Quote The “Houlgate System” is one of the selectors of historic National Champions recognized as a major selector by The NCAA in its’ Football Subdivision record book. Deke Houlgate (1905-1959).

1961-Consenus National Champions (AP, UPI). Named National Champions after the Auburn game.

1964-Consenus National Champions (AP, UPI) Named National Champions after the Auburn game.

1965- AP National Champions after the bowl games. AP changed policy after the previous season with Alabama losing to Texas in Orange Bowl. Arkansas finished 11-0 voted by The Football Writers Association of America as national champions. This worked to Alabama’s advantage.

1973-UPI National Champions named after the Auburn game. Lost to Notre Dame in Sugar Bowl. UPI changed policy to vote after the bowl games after 1974 season.

1978-AP National Champions. Spilt with USC. Lost to USC on 9-23 that season.

1979-Consensus  (12-0). 1992-Consensus (13-0). 2009(14-1) BCS Era. 2011-(12-1) BCS Era. 2012( 13-1)BCS Era.2015-(14-1) Playoff Era. 2017(13-1) Playoff era.

There is two teams in the poll era ,that was done in by the ballot box. The 1966 and 1977 teams by Notre Dame.Have a great week.


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