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Gomillion gears up campaign


The Greenville Standard



Mattie Gomillion, Butler County Circuit Clerk has geared up her re-election campaign ahead of November’s general election.

Beyond placing signs, making public appearances and greeting voters, she continues to run her office faithfully.

Gomillion ran unopposed in the Democratic Primary Election in March but faces an independent candidate in the general election.

Gomillion stated she was working for a local law firm as a paralegal before gaining employment with the Evergreen Circuit Clerk Office and when former Butler County Circuit Clerk Allen Stephenson had a position open she applied and was hired for the position.

She worked 12 years as a Court Specialist and was cross-trained for all the office positions. After Stephenson retired, Gomillion ran a successful campaign to be elected Butler County Circuit Clerk.

She said there is a lot a responsibility this office holds. “My most challenging task is keeping trained and experienced employees when competing with the private sector. The worst thing our office has to deal with is seeing people destroy their lives, whether it’s a divorce, drug addiction or criminal activity.

“The best thing about our job is meeting people. Sometime we are the only smile a person will have during the day. I tell my staff we may be the only smiling face a person sees that day. Typically the only people to smile are those obtaining a passport.”

Gomillion went on to state her office is understaffed by one and one half employees based on the number of court filings per county in Alabama. “We still cross train though and each staff member typically handles a different part of the court system,” she said.

“Our office handles all warrants, small claims, child support, debt fees, civil and criminal court filings. If needed I can perform every facet of the Clerk’s office,” added Gomillion. “We keep a record of all court filings and I installed a computer and software which citizens can use to access public records.”

Her office keeps a calendar, which is made yearly, based off the judges’ court schedule; the Clerk’s office typically sets cases at the next date after a court filing.

“This office has a big responsibility,” said Gomillion, “in addition to court filings and setting cases for court, we also collect fees and disperse payments from court associated declarations to the controllers for the state and other entities. We keep up with a complaint from the beginning it is filed with our office until the case is paid out.”

“I feel I am the most qualified and experience candidate for this office and ask the citizens of Butler County to support my efforts to re-elected ad Butler County Circuit Clerk,” said Gomillion.

Gomillion is also an active member of the Greenville Kiwanis and serves of the board of the YMCA.

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