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Grace Point


The Greenville Standard

“Our mission is to love God, love people and the community,” said Pastor Rick Ousely of Grace Point Greenville.

“Our intention is that regardless of lifestyle, background, baggage, race or creed, it doesn’t matter; we are going to love you where you are,” he continued.

Ousley, who has started life changing churches during is some 40 years of service to the Lord has changed his views on organized religion and when presented with an opportunity to come to Greenville and start a new venue of worship, he felt the Lord spoke to him and said this was a place He wanted me to serve.

Ousley said he was contacted by someone from Greenville about organizing a church in Greenville. He and 10 others met at Wintzell’s one day for lunch and then four hours later his mind was made up.

“I love this place and the people in a way I cannot describe. It is only something I can attribute to God giving me a love for a place and people,” Ousley said.

He continued, “We are a church for people who have messed up and need to understand they can fail forward and that there is grace to be received.”

Our obligation is share with you the understanding the word of God. When you come through the door, you don’t join us; we join you.”

Grace Point Greenville originally started their service at the Camellia City Bakery on Sunday morning but with a growing number of attendees, Ousley felt the need for a location with larger accommodation. He then approached the Butler County Board of Education about the use of Greenville High School’s auditorium.

Through rental fees and offerings, Ousely hopes to update the furnishings in the auditorium as time goes by and provide for other community needs.

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