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Hurts gets redemption

Saturday’s SEC Championship game was what I would call ‘Poetic Redemption’ for quarterback Jalen Hurts. I’m sure those who watched the game know exactly what I’m referring too.

Jalen was replaced during last year’s National Championship Game for ineffective play. Tua Tagovialoa replaced the (26-2) starter and essentially drove Alabama to the win with his passing and a National Championship.

Jalen who was known for his running had led the Crimson Tide to two National Championships playoffs could have listened to the nay-sayers, all the negative publicity and in my personal opinion horse manure,  and transferred to another school, but no, he stayed at Alabama and persisted, getting very little playing time. I can only imagine what he had to endure losing the top job. It had to have put a major dent in his confidence.

In Saturday’s game, starting quarterback Tagovialoa got hurt and tried to return but couldn’t. Back-up uarterback Hurts entered the game and drove the Tide to yet another SEC Championship. Throwing and running for touchdowns on the very field and against the very team of which he was replaced last year is poetic redemption.

It was moving to the point it choked up Coach Nick Sabin.

There are many lessons and a moral or two you can take from this as commentator Tim Tebow said, “Hollywood could not have scripted this.”

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