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Hall graduates from USA


The Greenville Standard


Jeffrey Lamar Hall, grandson of Charles and Yvonne Curry of Georgiana, graduated Saturday afternoon from the University of South Alabama with 3.43 GPA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

Though handicapped, Hall has never let it impede him from studying martial arts under the tutelage of Sensei Ray Van Cor to being successful in the world of academia.

His accolades include Student of the year for Lurleen B. Wallace Community College and Student of the year for the State of Alabama earning him his scholarship to the University of South Alabama.

“This has been a long and tough journey,” said Hall, “but an amazing four and half-years. I could only imagine that this day would come. I’m forever grateful for those who were in my corner and pushed me to achieve greater things. Especially those, who chose to love me, insured that I didn’t need for anything and cared about my future.”

Hall intends to pursue a Master’s degree in social work with the future goal of becoming a Rehabilitative Counselor for people with disabilities.

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