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We have a Bowl’n winner


The Greenville Standard


The winner of the Greenville Standard’s Holiday Bowl Pool Contest was Debra Scruggs. Debra pulled off this feat picking 13 out 16 bowl game winners. The closest anyone came to her picks was 10 of 16. Out of 53 competitors, not including the publisher and myself, she was the clear winner.

When asked how she was able to pick so many bowl game winners she replied, “I listened to the kids talk about them on the bus.” Debra obviously drives a school bus. Congratulations Debra and great job.

The retail value of Debra’s winnings was over $320 in gift cards and merchandise and a spiffy looking trophy.

The Standard’s Holiday Bowl Contest was a great success considering the limited time we had to put it together and we’d like to thank all the advertising sponsors and contributors.

Fred’s of Greenville, Southern Quick Lube, Pizza Hut, The Edge Theater, Wintzell’s, Ruby Tuesday, Clayton Homes, Serve Pro, Southern Spirits, Butler County Land & Title, Clark’s Paint and Body Shop, Bypass Storage, Philpot Landscaping, Greenville Chevron, Sweet Heart Alabama and WQZX-Q94.

Again, thank you all and congratulation Debra Scruggs! Just wait’ll next year!

(Publisher’s note: Ray went 7-16 on his picks while I went 8-16. Better luck next year to all who enter.)

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