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Scam warning issued


The Greenville Standard


Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond has issued a warning to the citizens of Butler County advising of a phone scam currently occurring in the county.

According to Bond, calls have been received by residents of the county that represent themselves as the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

In one particular case that occurred Thursday, a citizen was scammed for $1,000. The scam caller advised the citizen they had missed a grand jury trial and that they faced going to jail unless the fine was paid immediately.

Bond said, “Today we have had several people from the county call in regarding calls they’ve received from someone stating they are with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and in the conversation they are telling they need to get in touch with “so and so” with the civil division of the Sheriff’s Department and as they progress the conversation the person they are talking too is prompting them to not contact their attorney, not to speak with anyone else, and go ultimately to get prepaid cards from Walmart.

“Everyone that’s called in about it, we have told them it was a scam, but we did have one unfortunate event where one lady did go and spend $1,000 on these cards. It’s unfortunate that people do these kinds of things, but they’re out there every day.”

Bond advises the Butler County Sheriff’s Department is not going to call you and ask you to get a prepaid card from Walmart or anyone else. He said, “If we need to talk with to you we will come in person. We are asking people to not go and buy cards for anybody at any time and especially someone pretending they are employed with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.”

District Attorney Charlotte Tesmer also advised that if you have outstanding warrants, there is an amnesty program in process where you can pay your fines and specifically not to be fooled by scam calls.

The phone number that was initially used for the phone scam was 334-617-3252, but others might be used.

Bond also advises citizens to immediately report any such calls to the Sheriff’s Office at 334-382-6521.

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