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Butler County’s own Dianna (Grace) Sipper has been officially announced as the newest member of the United States Martial Arts Team (USMAT)

The nine year old martial arts Phenom and Georgiana native was scouted by the Team coaches at many tournaments. The invitation to try outs came shortly after her performance at the Pike Road USYKA 23rd Annual Ryu Ken Classic where she competed against thirteen year olds in the same events.

Grace placed 1st in Musical Kata, 1st in Open hand Kata and 4th in weapons competition.

Try Outs were by invitation only and held in Ashland during January, Feb, and March of this year. By all accounts the try-outs were grueling all-day events to include a two mile run. Grace never missed a step and has officially earned her place on the United States Martial Arts Team (Alabama).

This past Saturday Grace competed in the Saint Jude’s Kick-A-THON (Kicks for Cure) in Pelham. The event was a fund raiser for St. Jude’s and Grace took 1st in Musical Kata, 1st in Open hand Kata and 2nd in weapons.

The United States Martial Arts Team will be traveling to London, England to compete in the 2019 World Martial Arts Games on Oct. 25 – 27.

Members are required to participate in team fund raising events but are individually responsible for their travel and family expenses. Grace and family are searching for sponsors and have started a fund raising campaign (GO GRACE) for their trip across the pond to jolly ole England.

Many have started donating already and the Greenville Standard is proud to be a supporter Grace. GO GRACE fund raising events are in the works and will be announced for a later date.

If you’d like to become a sponsor or donate please contact one of the numbers listed below or mail your donation to one of the addresses below. Please make checks to Mike or Vicki Sipper. They we thank you for your support.

Mike and Vicki Sipper

424 N. Friendship Drive

Georgiana, AL 36033



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