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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


Today I will talk about the April 13, 2019 A-Day Game. This past week was 49 years ago I attended my first A-Day Game. It was the first time I went to Tuscaloosa.

I think I have only missed a hand full of these games since. In this year’s game the White Team beat the Crimson Team 31-17.

The White Team consisted of First Defense and Second Offense. The Crimson Team played with the First Offense and Second Defense.

When I go to an A-Day Game it is hard to tell how the team is gonna do that season. Saturday, freshman wide receiver, John Metchie was named The Dixie Howell Winner.

The Howell Award is for the most valuable player of the game. Mac Jones, who played last year as a backup quarterback, played well. Jones connected on a 49-yard pass to Metchie. It was a great pass and catch.

Tulia, Tua’s brother, made a great play. He scrambled around and threw a touchdown pass to Waddle.

Positions performance reviews follow: the receivers looked very good; the offensive line injuries and suspension-needs to improve; running back was good; quarterback Tua is very good and Jones needs to keep improving.

Tua had injuries during last season. The defensive line looked good and had players to work with. Outside linebacker Terrell Lewis getting healthy will be a plus. Inside linebacker Dylan Moses was very good.

Alabama needs to develop more players at this position. The defensive backs have a lot of talent to work with. The kicking game should be improved.

Alabama will face Duke on August 31 in Atlanta which is 133 days from this past Saturday, April 20.

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