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Greenville city league ball recap


The Greenville Standard




Dixie league ball stepped up tempo this past week with 35 games being played from May 17-23. The bats were still in full swing with 27 homeruns recorded.

Players recording a homerun: Bailey Sexton, Jesse Harp, TJ Finklea, Kullen Huggins, Rylan Beck, Izi B Foster, Sadarion Feagin, Jason McConico, Braxton Hartley, Allie Newton, Sarah Skipper, Alyssa Cauthen, Chole Chun, Natalie Skipper, Brielle Cook, Anna Thomas, Brook Tolson, Kadience Davis, Brooklyn Wright, Griffin Gaston, and Kemper Waters.

The big swingers who recorded two homeruns were Bailey Sexton, TJ Finklea, Sadarion Feagin, Jason McConico, Allie Newton, and Alyssa Cauthen.

The Dixie Debs softball league, which is ages 13-18, began play on May 17 and the Whiddon sisters Gracie and Rachel proved to be the hottest pitchers of all leagues. Gracie had two games where she recorded nine strikeouts per game. Her sister Rachel struck out 11 in one game.

Gracie and Rachel play for Crossfire. They both were a big part in taking the Highland Home varsity girls softball team to the state playoffs.


May 17

Dixie Darlings

Knockouts           9              vs            Firecrackers        5

Ball Hawgs           15           vs            Knockouts           7


Dixie Mite

Astros   9              vs            Dodgers               9

Angels  14           vs            Rays       11


Dixie Minor

Cubs      8              vs            Orioles  7

Cardinals 4          vs            Mariners              2


Dixie Angels

Shockers              19           vs            Diamond Sluggers            4


Dixie Ozone

Rangers                5              vs            Angels  4


May 20

Dixie Darlings

Firecrackers        9              vs            Knockouts           2

Ball Hawgs           14           vs            Firecrackers        13


Dixie Mite

Angels  13           vs            Dodgers               6

Red Sox                8              vs            Astros   6


Dixie Minors

Cardinals              9              vs            Mariners              8

Cubs      9              vs            Orioles  6


Dixie Debs

Crossfire              6              vs            Diamond Divas  3

Crossfire              9              vs            Bustin Babes      3


May 21

Dixie Darlings

Knockouts           10           vs            Ball Hawgs           9

Firecrackers        4              vs            Ball Hawgs           3


Dixie Angels

Diamond Sluggers            10           vs            Shockers              1

Diamond Sluggers            8              vs            Explosion             7


Dixie Ponytails

Dynamite            12           vs            Krushers              10

Showtime           17           vs            Challengers        2


Dixie Ozone

Angels  12           vs            Rangers                2

Red Sox                2              vs            Angels  1


Dixie Debs

Crossfire              6              vs            Diamond Divas  1

Diamond Divas  2              vs            Bustin Babes      0


May 23

Dixie Darlings

Firecrackers        5              vs            Knockouts           3

Knockouts           7              vs            Ball Hawgs           6


Dixie Mite

Rays       7              vs            Red Sox                2

Angels  7              vs            Astros   1


Dixie Ponytails

Showtime           12           vs            Dynamite            5


Dixie Minors

Mariners              8              vs            Cubs      6


Dixie Ponytails

Krushers              14           vs            Challengers        6


Dixie Minors

Marlins 15           vs            Orioles  9


Dixie Ozone

Rangers                5              vs            Red Sox                3

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