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Greenville city league ball recap


The Greenville Standard


Dixie leagues in Greenville are close to finishing regular season play. It’s been a whirlwind of a season with most leagues finishing in the prior two weeks.

The last of the Dixie leagues, the Dixie Debs, were slated to finish Monday, June 10, provided stormy weather stayed away.

The Debs had four games from June 3 to June 6. The hot pitcher was Alex Little of the Diamond Divas. She recorded eight strikeouts in a shutout win against the Bustin’ Babes.

Other standouts pitchers were Grace Whiddon who plays for Crossfire. She recorded six strikeouts in a win against the Bustin’ Babes. Skylar Bates, who plays for Bustin’ Babes, recorded six strikeouts in the same game.

Rachel Whiddon and Cahley Acreman were the only batters to record a homerun for the week.


Dixie Debs

June 3

Diamond Divas  3              vs            Bustin’ Babes     0

Crossfire              5              vs            Bustin’ Babes     4


June 4

Crossfire              14           vs            Bustin’ Babes     4


June 6

Bustin’ Babes     4              vs Diamond Divas             3


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