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Stone retires after 36 years


The Greenville Standard


Sgt. Subrena Stone recently retired from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office after serving 36 years.

Stone has served under five sheriffs during her employment with Butler County; they include Parker Worthington, Joe Sanders, Diane Harris, Kenny Harden, and current Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond.

Stone originally was hired as a matron at the Butler County Jail on Cedar Street. She remembered the days when most of the glass was broken for the cell windows and the inmates could shout to anyone on the street.

A local songwriter, Rock Killough, called it the ‘Red Door Motel.’ Nights could be cold in the winter and days hot in the summer until the Butler County Correctional Facility was built.

Bond said at Stone’s retirement party that the Sheriff’s Office was retiring the badge of Matron in her honor.

“On behalf of everyone, thank you very much Subrena. Thank you for your 36 years of service to Butler County,” said Bond.

Former Butler County Sheriff Diane Harris, who also attended the retirement party, said of Stone, “She was dedicated. If I didn’t have someone to work at the jail, I could call Subrena and she would tell me, ‘just give me enough time to get my clothes on.’

“She would come in and always helped. She is a one of the people you could always depend on. I appreciate the 12 years she worked with me. She was a great servant of Butler County.”

Stone said on the morning of her retirement that she was smiling because it was her last day. “I’ve had some good days and some bad. I started to work under Sheriff Parker Worthington and Sheriff Danny Bond if the fifth sheriff I have worked under,” she said.

“When they built the new correctional facility it became a better environment. I will miss all my co-workers,” she added.

Her retirement party was also attended by Butler County Commissioners Allin Whittle and Jesse McWilliams, family, friends, co-workers, and ex co-workers.

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  1. Tammy Head-Hicks on July 4, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Congratulations! The next person in line has some mighty big shoes to fill!! Enjoy your retirement!

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