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Hill donates punt, kick, and pass winnings to GHS


The Greenville Standard


Christian Hill, a fourth-generation Greenville High School football player and 2019 freshman, participated in and won second place at the Guardian FCS Kickoff Charity Contest, which was a punt, kick, and pass competition this summer.

He donated his $3,000 winnings back to his school and team.

Hill, who participated in the competition thanks to the Greenville Guardian Credit Union branch, said he was thankful to have been able to go this year because of a friend’s mom, even though he has gone to similar competitions in the past.

“I’ve done the punt, pass,  and kick a couple times before. The lady who asked me was Brenda, and her son is in my grade – that’s my friend, so she asked me because he knew I had done it before,” Hill said. “I wanted to donate the money back to the school, so that we could get new equipment.”

Hill said this year’s competition was more difficult and different than years past.

“It was different than the ones I’ve competed in before,” Hill said. “This one was more like a race. We started at the 25-yard line and we punted the ball first. Wherever it landed, that’s where we had to throw it from wherever it landed. Then we had to kick it through a field goal.”

Hill said his father, Mandus, as well as several of his other family members had also played football at Greenville High School, which made it even more special that he was able to donate the money he had won back to GHS.

“It has been cool, because some of my teachers taught them,” Hill said. “They know my mom, my dad and my uncle. They know my granddad. It’s just kind of cool.”

Hill said coaches and teachers have appreciated he was able to donate the money back to the school, and he was appreciative he had the opportunity to both compete and donate the money back to the school.

“I am just glad I got the chance to do it.”

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