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Bowls, bowls and more bowls


The Greenville Standard


BOWLS, bowls and more bowls, holy smoke there’s forty one bowls games this year not including the national championship game.

It’s a college football lovers over-dose is what it is. I can remember when you had to have a winning season to participate in a bowl game and a six and six season is not what I would call a winning season.

On a twelve game regular season, you should have to win 80% of your games, which if my math is correct, is 9.6 six wins.

For me, that means winning 10 games. There were a total of 23 teams with a 10 win season or better.

Unfortunately it’s all about the dollar bills for the New Year’s six bowl game payouts.

Each conference gets $300,000 for each school that meets the NCAA’s academic performance review (APR) for participation in a postseason bowl.

FBS independents like Notre Dame also receive the same amount. Each of the 10 conferences receives a base payout, again pending that academic performance review.

For the power five conferences with contracts to send its champion to the Orange, Rose and Sugar Bowl, each conference receives around $66 million.

For the other group of five conferences that do not have automatic bids for its champion, they divide a total of around $90 million amongst themselves.

Notre Dame automatically gets $3.19 million if it meets that APR review; all other independents split about $1.56 million.

The simple truth is a bowl game is financially great for the schools because they pay for a school’s football program.

Football normally pays for all the schools collegiate sports programs but also the cities that host the event.

So sit back and enjoy the games but don’t you think a trip to the Bahamas Bowl or the Hawaii Bowl would be a serious reward?

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