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BCSS celebrates graduation rates


The Greenville Standard


The graduation rate for Butler County School System (BCCS) seniors of 2020 is expected to be 94.05%, which hasn’t happened in over a decade.

In the State of Alabama, graduations rates are reported one year in arrears.

This graduation rate will not be official until the Accountability Report Card is released by the state department in October of 2020.

Early reporting revealed in the state portal states that graduation rates for the individual schools are expected to be: McKenzie School 100%; Georgiana School 97.14% and Greenville High School 92.13%.

McKenzie is expected to graduate 23 of 23 students, Georgiana 34 of 35, and Greenville High School 117 of 127.

BCCS Superintendent Joe Eiland said, “It’s been a gradual climb to get there, with some setbacks, but it has taken dedication.

“Our principals have really grasped the understanding of how important it is to make certain that our children are on track to graduate. To do that, you have to be very engaged with the academic progress of each individual student.”

Eiland indicated Lisa Adair, currently the Federal Programs Director, was instrumental in installing transcript audits three years ago.

He added that Adair and Catherine Tanner worked diligently with the high schools to ensure that every student was on track to graduate.

Eiland also credited Rheta McClain, who is the Butler County Career Tech Director and also responsible for Accountability for the system.

McClain worked with guidance counselors and principals to make certain that each school received credit in the state reporting portal for every single student that graduates.

Eiland went on to say, “Part of the success is the fact that our children are doing better, our principals are leading the schools better and out teachers are teaching better.

“We have become better reporters and become better at accurately looking at our students on a one on one basis.

“They are not just numbers. We actually touch, hold, and feel every transcript and go through it with a fine tooth comb.

“We make sure the student has the needed classes to graduate.

“When everyone pulled together, our guidance counselors, Ms. Adair, Ms. McClain, Ms. Tanner and our building level principals, we began to understand the reporting process and the importance of making sure each student has every opportunity to graduate on time.

“For the first time in a decade, BCCS has a 94.05% graduation rate and that is something to celebrate.”

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