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COVID-19 guidelines amended again


The Greenville Standard


On Thursday, Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey announced additional amendments in the relaxation of COVID-19 guidelines.

Mainly, what has changed deals with restrictions that had been placed on entertainment venues, athletic activities, educational institutions, childcare facilities, and summer camps.

All of these venues are now allowed to reopen, but they must follow social-distancing rules and sanitation guidelines.

For example, under the social distancing section for athletic activities, the new guidelines state, “Players, coaches, officials, and spectators shall refrain from high fives, handshakes, and other physical contact except to the extent necessary—and only to the extent necessary—for players, coaches, and officials to directly participate in the athletic activity.”

In short, teams can play, but they must limit physical interaction.

For a complete list of the new guidelines, see pages five through eight in the order issued by the state health officer at

While more things are reopening, the case count for COVID-19 in Alabama is higher than ever before.

As of Friday at 5:30 p.m., Alabama reported 13,563 positive tests for the coronavirus with 537 deaths attributed to it.

In Butler County, 324 people have tested positive for the illness, and 11 people have been confirmed as having died from the disease.

Butler County has seen one of the highest jumps of positive cases in recent weeks, but surrounding counties are seeing an increase in their numbers as well.

Currently, Crenshaw County has 53 positive cases with two deaths, Wilcox County has 110 confirmed cases with six deaths, Lowndes County has 166 cases with 10 deaths, Monroe County has 23 cases with two deaths, Covington County has 63 cases with one death, and Conecuh County has 24 cases with one death.

Yet, Butler County is leading the way in a race no one wants to win.

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