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Shots fired as carjacker bolts


The Greenville Standard


An armed carjacking spree by Rodrigues Xalate, a 25 year old Hispanic male, last Thursday involving the cities of Wetumpka, Evergreen, Greenville and Atmore in South Alabama ultimately ended with Xalate being shot by Poarch Creek Police in the Atmore area.

Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn stated in a press release, “We have information that he may have been living in Rhode Island but he has a Minnesota driver’s license.”

“The suspect has multiple charges over multiple jurisdictions including: Robbery 1st, Theft of Property 1st, Reckless Endangerment, Menacing and others,” he added.

According to Lovvorn, Xalate stole a vehicle in Wetumpka which had a rifle in it. He then drove to Evergreen and used the rifle to steal another vehicle.

Xalate then drove to Greenville and with the rifle he approached a woman in a parking lot on Interstate Drive around 9 p.m. and demanded the keys to the vehicle.

She gave him the keys and he drove off in the vehicle. Lovvorn stated, “Officers were on scene on Interstate Drive when the suspect then drove to a gas station in Greenville near the interstate and attempted to take another vehicle at gunpoint.”

That intended victim was armed though and opened fire on the suspect. The suspect then went to another gas station on Willow Lane where he stole another victim’s vehicle at gunpoint.

Police investigators were able to track the last stolen vehicle to a location near Atmore and alerted law enforcement in the general area.

Lovvorn stated, “Shortly after this, the Poarch Creek Police located the stolen vehicle in the Atmore area just off the interstate. They approached the driver and he then attempted to run over one of the officers. Officers fired at the driver, striking him at least once.”

Xalate was taken to the hospital and said to be in serious but stable condition according to the last update provided to Greenville Police.

Lovvorn stated, “I would like to commend the cooperation and fast action of all the law enforcement jurisdictions involved that brought this highly dangerous situation to an end as quickly and safely as possible before any innocent civilians could be harmed.”

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