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A lot can happen in a year


The Greenville Standard


In December of 2019, Greenville native and author, LaWanda Lewis Burrell held a book signing at the Greenville-Butler County Public Library.

The event was hosted by Burrell’s sorority sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc for her book, “Stand Up, Speak Up Because Your Time’s Up.”

Of those in attendance were her husband of 15 years, her three children, and other friends, family, and local residents.

Burrell currently resides in Houston, Texas, but calls Greenville home. She is also a 1994 Greenville High School graduate.

Burrell was inspired to write her book after accepting a position as a HR Director in what she calls a toxic work environment.

She said, “After I got the courage to stand up and speak up for the unethical behaviors in the workplace, I was harassed and later terminated. After praying in the closet, I reached for a box on the top shelf and out fell a journal that I had written five years prior. God blessed me with a book contract after I forgave the ones that mistreated me. My pain turned into a passion and God revealed my purpose.”

Burrell said, “As the saying goes, a lot can happen in a year and I am so blessed to have such amazing opportunities after my book was published.”

Burrell’s book is being sold by Walmart, gaining international attention in many bookstores in Japan, Australia, and Canada.

Stand Up, Speak Up Because Your Time’s Up has also grabbed the attention of a production company in Hollywood, Calif.

“Although this year of 2020 was very challenging, thankfully, I was still able to market my book by making guest appearances through radio, podcasts, social media, magazines, and newspaper publications”, Burrell added.

Though Burrell passed on the offer from the California company, collaboration has begun with a production company in Atlanta to turn the book in to a film. Film production is scheduled to begin in 2021.

“God has blessed us with things we could never foresee. Life can bring about many letdowns, doubt, and confusion. Learn to be open-minded and allow trials and tribulations to happen, because God could be redirecting you into your destiny. Do not let fear steer you away from the blessing of God. Step out of your comfort zone and be open to embrace something new”, declared Burrell.

Burrell is very hopeful for what lies ahead of herself and her family in 2021. She is excited for the opportunity to share her testimony with the world through her film.

She admitted, “The process was not easy for me and definitely took me out of my comfort zone. Through prayer, family support, and lots of reading and research, I did it! Like the book, the film will be a message of faith, forgiveness, and love. My transparency and powerful testimony will fill you with hope and will allow you to feel like you are walking through my journey with me, trusting God every step of the way.”

If you or your organization would like to be a sponsor for the film, have your name on the movie credits, receive movie perks, red carpet premiere tickets, meet and greet with the cast and crew, or receive signed merchandise, please visit the fundraising link: https:/

LaWanda Burrell’s contact information is Email:,

Facebook: @authorlawandaburrell, Instagram: @wandavision2020, and Twitter: @lawandalewisBu2.


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