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On this day in sports history


The Greenville Standard


After Alabama won its 18th National Championship, fans started to make comparisons to past teams and coaches.

The 2020 team is considered the best team under Saban. It was the second team under Saban to go undefeated.

The 2009 team finished at 14-0 and won his first national championship. The 2009 defense was a lot better than the 2020 defense.

Was the 2020 Tide the best team college football ever? That’s hard to say.

When you start comparing teams, the rules and players are different. You can’t compare the 1961 Alabama Team vs 1966 Alabama team.

Both teams finished 11-0. The 1961 team with the exception of the quarterback, the other starters played both ways.

Linebacker Darwin Holt came in for quarterback Pat Trammell. The 1966 team had a starting team on offense and defense. They could not play each other.

In 1971 you had limited substitution, two players at a time, while in 1973 there was unlimited substitution.

The size of the players has changed. This year’s center, Landon Dickerson, is 6’ 4” and weighs 325 pounds.

The starting center on the 1966 team, Jimmy Carroll, was 6’ 2” and weighed 190 pounds.

The size, speed, and training of today are more advanced.

Comparing Coach Bryant and Coach Saban is something you just can’t do.

Right now, enjoy what has happened this year and look forward to next season.

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