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Fresh off the street


The Greenville Standard


Thursday morning, May 24, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office made a traffic stop on U.S. Interstate 65 and wound up with a payload of assorted illegal drugs and currency.

Ronald Grace, age 37, was arrested after illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and currency were found in the vehicle he was driving.

Grace was transported to the Butler County Correction Facility (BCCF) and was formally charged with trafficking marijuana and cocaine and also possession of drug paraphernalia.

He is currently being held at the BCCF on a $403,000 bond as of Monday, May 31.

The amount of marijuana found totaled over eight pounds. There were 79 grams of crack cocaine and 40 grams of cocaine. Also, there were over three pounds of gummie products including patches found. The currency confiscated amount to over $2,300. All the above listed items were in a plastic bag located in the back seat.

Deputy K9 Soni was utilized to determine there were drugs inside the vehicle.

Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond said, “This is what happens when agencies work together and now our streets will not see these drugs.” He also indicated the case was under further investigation.

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