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FDA and FCA team up for 7-on-7


The Greenville Standard


Fort Dale Academy Football and Central Alabama Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) teamed up to host a 7-on-7, July 16. Teams from Chambers, Edgewood, Fort Dale, Jackson, Success Unlimited, and Valiant Cross academies competed in the event which featured pool play followed by a double elimination tournament.

During breaks from play and the intense heat, FCA staff members Erick Armster, Steven Clark, and Jami Sikes led the teams in prayer and small group sessions.

Clark spoke to the group during a hot-dog lunch challenging them to focus on their alignment with God to prepare for their assignments from God.

Sikes, a Greenville native and resident and FCA Women’s Ministry Director, said of the event, “We are excited for so many amazing athletes to work at strengthening their athletic skills and also get to hear the awesome Good News of the Gospel. It is an incredible blessing to team up with other FCA staff members to engage, equip and empower students and coaches across Central Al to grow in their walk with Jesus. We hope this is the first of many events to come and are thankful to everyone who made this possible!”

Valiant Cross came out on top besting Edgewood 18-16.

Fort Dale head football coach Eric Folmar commented on the joint endeavor saying, “We really appreciate all the people involved in making today’s event a success. Jami, Steven, and Erick did an incredible job pouring into these young men.

“We look for every opportunity to teach our kids about the gospel and today we got to do that while also providing a chance to compete and get better as a team. I am grateful for the amazing coaches at these programs who brought their teams here for fellowship and football.

“Congrats to the guys at Valiant Cross. They played their way back through the loser’s bracket to knock off a really scrappy bunch from Edgewood in an incredible championship game. We look forward to growing this event in the future to reach even more athletes and teach them about the gospel.”

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