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Weapon reported on campus


The Greenville Standard


Law enforcement Officers responded to a 911 call in reference to a person with a weapon on campus at Georgiana School Wednesday morning.

This call comes in on the heels of a shooting that took place just the day before at Oxford High School in Detroit, Mich., where four students were killed and seven were wounded.

Officers entered the building and then Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond and his chief deputy Lenny Lee emerged from the school and addressed the anxious parents gathered outside the doors of the school.

Butler County Sheriff Bond stated that everyone was fine for the moment and that they and the other officers would continue their investigation, then both Bond and Lee re-entered the school.

One hour and twenty minutes later, Butler County School Superintendent Joseph Eiland, Georgiana School Principal Deedra Benson and law enforcement officials exited the building and addressed the concerned crowd again.

Bond said, “At 9:04 this morning Butler County E911 received a call of an incident that was taking place here at Georgiana School. Law enforcement responded and our top priority was the safety of the students and there was nothing found to substantiate the call. We do not want to disclose that information yet because we’re still conducting our investigation.

“Everyone’s child is OK and we performed a thorough search of the grounds and buses. Again, the children on campus are our first priority. We don’t want an incident like what happened up north to happen here, because we’re better than that.

“We appreciate your children, they were very cooperative. I couldn’t ask for a better group to deal with and that told us a great deal about the you the parents and how you have raised your children. They did everything asked of them and at this point we believe everything is good.”

Principal Benson stated parents could check their children out of school but would do so in an organized fashion. “I will have precautions in place until law enforcement completes their investigation,” said Benson. “The children are safe, there are no concerns there and just be patient with us.”

Eiland said, “Unless Sheriff Bond indicates to me or our office that there is any reason we shouldn’t be in school as normal, school will continue as normal.

“Everything has been done perfectly today and I appreciate so much our law enforcement from all over the county for conducting the search today in such a professional but intentional way. The children have been amazing, respectful and responsive today. They’re anxious, no one is crying or scared and are ready to get on with their routines as well.”

After investigation, a male student was arrested for the prank call and was transported to the Montgomery Juvenile Detention Facility.

The male student apparently stole another students cell phone, removed the SIM card, and made a call to 911 under false pretenses.


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