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Mid-South Resource Conservation and Development (Mid-South RC&D) Council recently visited Butler County to provide grant funds worth close to $150,000 to several entities and education institutions on Monday, March 28.

Among those receiving funds were Georgiana School (GS), Butler County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), Shackleville Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD), W.O. Parmer School and Butler County School System (BCSS), Regional Medical Center of Central Alabama (RMCCA), and the BCSS Career and Technical Education program (BCSS CTE).

GS received $50,000 for a new playground. It was the vision of former head coach Ezell Powell to have a playground for students.

The BCSO received $23,414.15 for 12 body and 10 in-car cameras for safety and if needed prosecution efforts.

The BCSS received $41,969 for a new playground at W.O. Parmer School and seven automated external defibrillators (AED) at different schools within the system.

Regional Medical Center of Central Alabama received $3,000 for high capacity Bariatric scales. A scale will be placed at the hospital, Georgiana Clinic, and the clinic on College Street.

BCSS CTE received $35,000 for use in its various career technical programs.

Each recipient thanked Mid-South for the grants and also Chris Sells, Alabama House Representative District 90, and Malika Sanders-Fortier, Alabama Senator District 23 for their instrumental help in providing funds to RC&D.

Both Chris Sells and Malika Sanders-Fortier were present at each presentation of funds.

Program Developer for the Alabama Association of RC&D Councils, Noopie Crosby, stated the value of these grants is to meet unmet needs in communities and is way to bring tax dollars back to local communities.

Mid-South RC&D’s mission is to “To improve the quality of life and economic well-being of our communities by enhancing our human and natural resources through education and involvement in response to the needs in our region.”




Mid-South RC&D Council members from Butler County are Rose Mary Smith, Phyllis Dantzler, Allin Whittle, and Tracy Salter.

Mid-South RC&D will be taking new grant applications until June 30. You can contact Rose Mary Smith at 320-C Greenville Bypass, Greenville, or by calling 334-382-8538 ext 3 or emailing

For more information about grant applications and guidelines visit

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