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Election looms close


The Greenville Standard


With the Alabama general election just a little less than five weeks away, candidate campaigns have geared up and are hitting full stride.

The Alabama Secretary of State’s Office has released a sample ballot which Butler County citizens can use as a guide to make their selections come Nov. 8.

It can be found at or you can pick up a copy at the Butler County Courthouse.

Candidates and offices they are running for are as follows:

(D) Democrat, (R) Republican, (L) Libertarian, (I) Independent)

Governor: (D) Yolanda Rochelle Flowers, (R) Kay Ivey, (L) James “Jimmy” Blake

Lieutenant Governor: (R) Will Ainsworth, (L) Ruth Page-Nelson

United States Senator: (D) Will Boyd, (R) Katie Britt, (L) John Sophocleus

U.S Representative, 2nd Congressional District: (D) Phyllis Harvey-Hall, (R) Barry Moore, (L) Jonathan Realz

Attorney General: (D) Wendell Major, (R) Steve Marshall

State Senator District 23: (D) Robert L. Stewart, (R) Michael Nimmer, (L) Portia Shepherd

State Representative District 90: (R) Chris Sells

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Place 5: (D) Anita L. Kelly, (R) Greg Cook

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Place 6: (R) Kelly Wise

Secretary of State: (D) Pamela J. Laffitte, (R) Wes Allen, (L) Jason “Matt” Shelby

State Treasurer: (R) Young Boozer, (L) Scott Hammond

State Auditor: (R) Andrew Sorrell, (L) Leigh Lachine

Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries: (R) Rick Pate, (L) Jason Clark

Public Service Commission, Place 1: (R) Jeremy H. Oden, (L) Ron Bishop

Public Service Commission, Place 2: (R) Chip Beeker, (L)) Laura Lane

District Attorney, 2nd Judicial Circuit: (D) Charlotte M. Tesmer, (R) Arlene M. Richardson

Butler County Sheriff: (R) Danny Bond

Butler County Coroner: (D) Ollie Scott, (R) Wayne Garlock

Member Butler County Commission, District 2: (D) Jamie Carter, (I) Jesse McWilliams

Member Butler County Commission, District 3: (R) Rebecca Butts

In addition to offices up for election, there will be 11 state constitution amendments on the ballot.

Butler County will have two constitutional amendments, which will only appear on the county ballot, for consideration.

LOCAL AMENDMENT 1: Relating to Butler County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to prohibit any municipality lying within the county from forming a separate city school system after January 1, 2022, without the prior approval of a majority of the qualified electors of Butler County voting at a referendum election. (Proposed by Act 2022-150)

LOCAL AMENDMENT 2: Relating to Butler County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 190I, to authorize any municipality in the county to allow limited operation of golf carts on designated municipal streets or public roads subject to restrictions and civil penalties for violations. (Proposed by Act 2022-188)

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