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This day in sports history


The Greenville Standard



This is what happened 45 years ago on Friday, Oct. 7, 1977 and 20.

Auburn lost to North Carolina State 17-15. Alabama entered the Southern Cal game with 3-1 record.

They defeated Ole Miss 34-13, lost to Nebraska 24-31, and beat Vanderbilt 24-12 and Georgia 18-10.

Other than the Ole Miss game, Alabama didn’t look impressive. The fans thought Alabama was gonna get blown out by Southern Cal.

There was a group of people who did not think that, Coach Bryant and the football team.

Alabama trailed 3-0 at the half, then went up 7-3. It was 7-6 when Alabama scored on back to back drives to go up 21-6.

Southern Cal made a furious comeback. They scored a touchdown, went for two and made it.

They then scored again and went for two for the win. Wayne Hamilton forced the SC quarterback to throw early and Barry Krauss intercepted the pass.

Southern Cal tried an onside kick, Alabama recovered it and ran out the clock for the big win.

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