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The BCCF starts a garden

The Butler County Extension (BCE) has joined forces with the Butler County Commission and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office to plant a garden.

The garden will help supply fresh produce for the inmates of the Butler County Correctional Facility.

Sharlean Briggs, BCE agent, noted that she was approached by the county to help with the garden, including prep work, planting and harvesting, and that she was happy to assist.

She contacted Robert Feagin, a master gardener, and he provided assistance for the first development of the garden.

Inmates and county employees provide the groundwork to get started. Inmates then planted the crops and will be responsible for its tending and cultivation.

The crops grown in the garden will include potatoes, squash, tomatoes, okra, corn, cucumbers.

Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond noted he felt it will be beneficial for the inmates by giving them a way to be productive, learn gardening skills, and provide them with nutritious meals at a reduced cost.

Briggs stated if there was leftover produce it would be donated to one of the local food banks for distribution.

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