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The Greenville Standard


Friday, June 9, was the Sixth Annual Butler County Bama Club/Big C Colin MacGuire Endowed Scholarship Golf Tournament.

This year, there were 68 golfers for the best turnout ever for the tournament.

Players competed in a Four Man Best Ball Scramble. Cody Wesley’s team won it.

We were also celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the 1978 National Championship Team.

Several members of that team played or attended this year’s tournament.

Going by numerical order who was here: 4-Keith Pugh; 9-Jim Bob Harris; 14-Alan Gray, 48-Mark Nix; 50-Randy Scott; 59-Bob Dasher; 60- Vince Boothe; 61- Joey Robbins; 66-Roger Schultz; 78- Buddy Aydelette; 89-Russ Wood; 90-William Davis; 14- Jake Coker; 36-Johnny Dyess; and Roger Roberts; also attending were A-Club members Pat Bynum (Wrestling Manager) and David Mayer (Swimming).

Thank you for playing or being here and thank you sponsors. I also thank Cody Wesley and Van Huggins and the ladies who worked before and during the tournament. They are members of the Butler County Bama Club. I also thank my friend Carol Watkins Diegel for your help.

This was a team effort. Next year’s tournament will be Friday June 7, 2024.

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