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What is a Veteran?


The Greenville Standard


Not too long ago I was in a convenience store perusing the candy bar isle when a gentleman came into the store wearing a cap that was adorned with the words Veteran on the brim.

He made a quick purchase and on his way out of the store spoke to a young boy that was standing near the counter.

The boy had obviously been admiring the Vet’s hat because he asked his mother waiting beside him, “Whats a Veteran?”

The woman quickly replied, “Don’t worry about it!” and ushered the boy out the door. I wanted desperately to run outside and answer the boys question but quickly realized my immediate response would not suffice.

So what is a military Veteran? According to U.S. CODE 38 Chapter 1 Section 101, it defines a military veteran as a person who served on active military duty, sea and air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

This is the technical definition of a military veteran. However, apt and accurate as this definition is, it doesn’t seem to fully grasp the true meaning of what a Veteran really is. After several days of pondering the query, I arrived at my own definition, What is a Veteran 2.0

A Veteran is someone who once protected and defended us from all of our enemies during peace and war; who stood the watch and guarded the walls to insure we and countless millions could enjoy the abundant freedoms that most of the world has never known.

A Veteran is someone who serves as a reminder to all of us that the price of those freedoms have to be paid with blood and quite often the ultimate sacrifice, that countless have made.

A veteran is someone who has laid the very foundation that this great nation sits on and is sewn into every stitch of its fabric from its inception to this very moment.

You are welcome.

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