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Walking America Couple visits county


The Greenville Standard


How do you spread happiness? One step at a time.

Although that is not the official motto of the Walking America Couple, Torin and Paige Rouse, it is part of their mission.

Originally from Missouri, Torin and Paige made their way through Butler County during the week of Christmas.

Their sojourn in the area is part of their goal to walk through all 48 states in the continental United States while spreading happiness and positivity along the way.

They are completing their journey in loops; they are on their second loop, which they started in April.

“It has taken us two months to work our way through Alabama,” said Torin Rouse. The couple, along with their 15-year-old dog Jak, entered the state in October.

Their journey takes time because they have large carts which they push with all their belongings on them; plus, they try to stay out of high traffic areas.

“We try to walk 10-12 miles a day,” said Paige Rouse.

The journey has taught them about living in the moment and about the generosity of strangers, for they depend on donations from followers and the help of locals in the areas through which they travel.

“We have been hosted by some wonderful people,” said Torin Rouse. “We got to spend Christmas in Butler County with a great family.”

The Rouses are on their way to Andalusia before they go to Florida. Then, their journey will take them north through Georgia.

“So far, we have really loved Wisconsin and Alabama,” said Paige Rouse. “The people here have been very friendly and helpful.”

To follow their journey, or to help support their efforts, visit their website at They also have accounts on most social media platforms, including Facebook where they are known as Walking America Couple.

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