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First timers guide for bloom entries in the 2024 Beeland Park Camellia Show

The morning of the show or the day before the show, select for your entry a well-formed bloom without a blemish on any petals or deformity.

Clip the bloom with enough stem to emerge in a shallow 1 1/2-inch deep cup.

Include at least one leaf (without blemishes) from the bush to be shown along with the bloom.

Be sure you gently shake off any insects as well.  Ants really like camellias blooms.

Do not store your selected camellia bloom(s) in the refrigerator (too much moisture will brown the petals).

Transport each bloom in a baby food jar size container filled halfway with water.  Don’t let the petals touch the water.

Bring the bloom to the show and seek out the “Receiving Room,” where we will assist you in filling out the entry card.

The show staff will determine the correct name for the bloom if unknown.  The bloom will be put in a cup of water and placed in its corresponding division to be judged.

After the judging is complete the show will be opened to the public at 1 p.m. At that time you may find your bloom and see how it fared with the competition.

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