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Life Changing Missions enriching lives


The Greenville Standard


Last Saturday evening, parents, grandparents and friends were treated to a delicious meal at The Armory in Fort Deposit in a beautifully decorated dining room, prepared by 29 young men and young ladies who participated in a cooking class hosted by Pastor LaShunda Brown, owner of Life Restaurant located in Fort Deposit at 881 Old Fort Rd East.

Pastor Brown is offering several exciting, fun and educational programs for area children between the ages of 8 and 18 through her ministry, Life Changing Missions.

The dinner last Saturday was the presentation reveal of the meal the kids learned to cook during a four week beginners cooking course with Ashly Lee, executive Chef at The Cajun Leprechaun in Montgomery, and held each Saturday morning from 8:30 to 10:30 at Life Restaurant.

Through their dedication to learn, the youngsters developed polite customer service skills, a professional persona and a bit of exposure to public speaking as each student gave a brief description of how the meal was created from the first course to dessert, as well as learning how to cook a tasty meal.

They were rewarded for their efforts by applause and praise from the diners as well as being presented with a certificate of completion and a goody bag filled with their very own cooking utensils and a cook book.

Another cooking class is slated to start in March and will feature a pastry chef teaching a pastry class. There is a $20 registration fee for this class.

In the meantime, a one day Saturday etiquette class for girls age 8 to 18 and a “Hands On” class for boys age 8 to 18 teaching common auto repairs, is being offered for free this month.

All events, details, registration and contact info can be found on the Life Restaurant Facebook page.

All programs offered are also taught and mentored by many local area professionals and volunteers.

Pastor Brown said, “These classes are part of an outreach ministry for the Fort Deposit and surrounding communities to enrich the lives of our children and help teach them life skills and confidence.”

She added, “Many community volunteers worked behind the scenes with this class to teach the kids and fund raise.”

This class was able to wave the $20 fee due to the excellent fund raising efforts of the parents, kids and volunteers.

The class raised $1,500 from private contributors and local business donations, and then Pastor Brown contributed $2,500 from the 10 percent she saves each month from the restaurant profits and sets aside so she can offer these classes.

She deeply thanked the Town of Fort Deposit for graciously donating The Armory for the dinner presentation.

Pastor Brown also invites you to stop by Life Restaurant for a delicious down home cooked southern meal.

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