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Election results for Butler County


The Greenville Standard


The unofficial election results for the April 5 Primary Election for Butler County was tallied and to follow are the results.

There are 14,383 registered voters in Butler County. In total, 3,816 ballots were cast at polling houses and 312 were absentee ballots, which resulted in a 26.53 percent turnout.

Straight party ballots cast totaled 1,188 for the Alabama Democratic Party and 2,628 the Alabama Republican Party.

Offices, candidates, and amendment vote totals were as follows for major candidates:

U.S. President:

(D) Joseph R. Biden, Jr.  1,079 (92.54%)

(R) Donald J. Trump        2, 355 (90.16%


U.S Representative, 2nd Congressional District:

(D) Shomari Figures        401 (34.51%)

(D) Anthony Daniels       352 (30.29%)

(R) Dick Brewbaker         983 (39.69%)

(R) Caroleene Dobson   937 (37.83%)


Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:

(R) Sarah Stewart             1,431 (59.72%)

No Democrat ran


Court of Civil Appeals, Place 2

(R) Chan Hanson              1,431 (59.72%)

No Democrat ran


Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2

(R) Rich Anderson            (55.67%)

No Democrat ran


President, Public Service Commission

(R) Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh                1,886 (76.85%)

No Democrat ran


Member, Butler County Commission, District 1

(R) Joey Peavy                  463 (58.76%)


Member, Butler County Commission, District 5

(R) Darrell Sanders          397 (71.92%)


Member, Butler County Board of Education, District 4

(D) Jamey A. Thompson                262 (80.37%)

(D) Wayne Boswell          64 (19.63%

Statewide Amendment 1

No          1,705 (50.31%)


There will be a runoff election on April 2 in Butler County for U.S Representative, 2nd Congressional District.


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