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Governor Ivey signs Choose Act


The Greenville Standard


Governor Kay Ivey, on Thursday, March 5, signed the CHOOSE Act (House Bill 129) into law.

The governor signed the bill at the State Capitol attended by students, lawmakers and supporters.

The legislation creates a program similar to school vouchers, which will provide eligible families with as much as $7,000, to help pay for private school tuition, tutoring or transfer fees to move to another school.

Eligible families who homeschool could receive up to $2,000 for homeschooling expenses.

The program will be funded at a minimum level of $100 million.

The first 500 slots would be reserved for families of students with disabilities.

Eligibility will be limited to families earning up to 300% of the federal poverty level, which amounts to $77,460 for a family of three.

The income limit will expire in 2027; lower-income families and families with students with disabilities will have priority access to the funds.

Governor Ivey said, “Today is a historic day as we officially sign our education savings account bill, the CHOOSE Act, into law. Alabama is only the 14th state in the nation to provide families with an education savings account option. Our plan will not only work for Alabama families – it will work for the state and will be effective and sustainable for generations to come.”

Lawmakers and citizens opposed to the legislation voiced concerns about using public dollars for private schools.

“This is a situation where we are looking to provide money for people to take their kids anywhere they want to take them — as if we’ve taken care of all our other problems,” said Sen. Rodger Smitherman, a Democrat from Birmingham.

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  1. Victor Cuevas on March 26, 2024 at 10:50 am

    Amazing that democrats would be opposed to this. Democrats oppose a bill that actually helps the people they cater to most. All because they are bought and paid for by the education unions…who really don’t do much to educate our kids. More like try to indoctrinate out kids. Now you will begin to see the improvement of education in this state. Instead of complaining, the public schools need to go back to the basics of educating kids instead of social engineering.

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