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Strycker to propose upcoming budget cuts


The Greenville Standard


Butler County School Superintendent   John Stryker when speaking at the Advalorem Tax forum stated, “Either way the vote goes, we have a plan.”

In a short interview last week with the Stryker who had been dealing with other legal issues facing the school system that day, was asked exactly what his plan was to cut the budget.

Stryker briefly said, “First thing today is staff attitude, after the community voted, we have to move forward with a positive attitude.”

Due to some of the lowest local revenue in the state and country, compounded with the very high debt, significant budget cuts will have to be made in order to balance the budget.

In February at the school board meeting he will present a proposal for a $400,000 budget cut and more are to be proposed at the March meeting and the projected year-end fund balance is only about $1.6 million.

“Unfortunately we’re going to have to start with deep cuts to the staff and administration then with school programs,” said Strycker. “Basic math reveals the harsh reality that if we don’t eliminate our current structural deficit, we could be bankrupt within two to four years,” he added.

Stryker’s press release this past week relayed the same message and further stated, “He is grateful for his community and understands that the community loves the children.”

Specific details for the necessary budget cuts have not been solidified to date but should be available at the next school board meeting scheduled on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 6 p.m. in the Georgiana School Library.

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