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Mobile home fire claims life


The Greenville Standard


Tuesday, Dec. 8, at around 8 p.m. a general fire alarm was sent out by E911 for a mobile home fire located at 4029 Mobile Highway. Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond said the home was occupied by a man known as Samuel Adams, age 72, at the time of the fire.

Adams’ body was found inside the home and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bond indicated the Fire Marshall was called and he had performed a preliminary investigation. Items found in the home, which could have started the fire, included a space heater with a small electrical cord and a 20 pound propane gas tank with a heater element on top.

“At this point, it looks like it may have been an electrical fire,” said Bond, “We aren’t exactly sure yet.”

As for the cause of death, Bond indicated they are awaiting forensics to determine an actual cause.

Volunteer fire fighters from Central, Liberty, Searcy, and M&D all responded to help suppress the fire from reaching other nearby homes and eventually put out the blaze.

Bond urges all citizens to regularly check on their elderly loved ones, especially in colder weather. This death might have been avoided, he indicated.

Bond said things to check for included making sure the utilities were on and functioning, making sure that electrical and heating appliances and items were operating properly and safe for indoor use, and making sure the resident had an adequate supply of food and water.

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