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Storm rips through county


The Greenville Standard


A strong line of thunderstorms ripped through Butler County, late afternoon Wednesday, May 5, leaving damaged houses and buildings in its wake.

First responders and utility crews were busy throughout the night and next day restoring power and clearing roadways, as E911 was inundated with calls.

Butler County EMA Director Josh McDougal said he knew of at least six houses that reported damage along with possibly 40-50 trees or branches that obstructed roadways.

He said the hardest hit areas were mostly along or near Alabama State Highway 10.

Apparently, personnel visited the school at night and did not see the damage to the roofs and surmised it was a sprinkler system malfunction. That was the reason for the original notice from the school system concerning GHS being closed for one day due to a sprinkler problem, indicated Eiland.

Eiland added that there was also damage to the systems for networking, intercom, and other electrical services.

The storm also caused power outages in areas across the county and within Greenville City limits until the next day.

Even U.S. Interstate 65 was reported to have trees and debris blocking the roadway near Greenville from when the initial storm front passed through.




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