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Angie K. Long mourned by community


The Greenville Standard


On Sunday, Aug. 1, our community lost a dear friend and staunch supporter, when Angie K. Long passed away.

Angie was a notable figure in journalism, literature, the arts, and the local humane society in Butler County.

There were not many school events, parades, fairs, beauty pageants, concerts and many other cultural events – to name just a few, where you would not find her presence enjoying the event and taking pictures.

She worked as a writer and photographer for The Greenville Advocate for over 20 years and was involved with the Greenville Area Arts Council (GAAC) for about the same amount of time.

Her involvement with the Butler County Humane Society (BCHS) extended over 15 years where she was also ‘Herald’ and their Facebook administrator.

Tracy Salter, Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce executive director and former publisher of The Advocate said, “Angie was truly one of the most talented writers and photographers I’ve ever known – she could take something so simple and turn it into the most beautifully written story.”

She added, “She not only had a passion and deep commitment to community journalism, she was dedicated to helping others. She truly loved Greenville and always wanted the best for everyone. Angie had a heart of gold, always a beacon of positivity and encouragement to co-workers, friends, family and community. Angie was a dear friend, a staple in our community and she will be missed tremendously.”

Former fellow employee of Angie at The Advocate and now Executive Director for the Greenville-Butler County Public Library, Kevin Pearcey noted, “In community journalism, there’s always that one person who captures the essence of what a community journalist is – and that was Angie Long.”

“She could turn out a hard news story, but her preference – and where she really shined – was in her ability to spotlight what was wonderful about living in Greenville and Butler County. If she wrote a story about a person or an event, she made that person or event feel like the most important thing that happened that week,” he said.

Pearcey added of her value to the community, “How many Angie Long stories line the pages of a scrapbook? How many photos she took of someone’s child or grandchild are pinned to a refrigerator? Probably too many to count. We’ve lost a treasure to this community and I’m going to miss her.”

Kathy Pickens, another former fellow employee at The Advocate said, “Angie’s talents were many and are irreplaceable from the way she covered the arts to the beautiful eulogies she penned to the way she advocated for the animals of our community. I am saddened to think that I will not see her cheerful face and iconic hat any longer.”

Nancy Idland with the GAAC said of Angie, “The Greenville Area Arts Council has lost one of its biggest supporters. We were the benefactors of the many gifts that Angie possessed. From fabulous articles to amazing photographs, our efforts on behalf of The Arts were chronicled quite beautifully by Angie K. Long.”

She added, “The very special part of this is that she was ‘one of us’, she ‘got it’, she was a believer and generously shared her time and talents so that we could look good. We will miss her being on the front row smiling, singing along, camera up and ready. Rest in peace dear Angie.”

Idland has indicated the GAAC and Putting on the Ritz would like to honor Angie’s memory with a contribution to her husband Benny from the organization.  If you would like to be a part of this please make your check to GAAC and denote it for A. Long memorial. The address is P. O. Box 825, Greenville, AL 36037.

The BCHS is also taking donations in Angie K. Long’s name. They can be mailed to the Butler County Humane Society, P.O. Box 264, Greenville, AL  36037.

Angie was married to Benny Long. They were wed for 36 years this past June 15. The family will hold a private service at a later date.


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