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Mary Ruth’s, Gana’s newest restaurant


The Greenville Standard


Georgiana has a new restaurant called ‘Mary Ruth’s’ courtesy of Katrina Roper and family. The restaurant is open and serving fresh farm to table cuisine located at 621 Hwy 106, Georgiana, adjacent to Me Me’s Flowers shop.

Roper, who is currently still working as a school teacher in Evergreen by day, helps in the kitchen at night with her family filling the gaps. She is excited about the opportunity to serve her menu.

Both Roper and her husband have attended culinary cooking school and she proudly sports her mother’s apron.

Roper said, “We’re still putting things together and waiting on suppliers to deliver equipment but as soon as everything is in place we intend to have a grand opening. Farm fresh to table items from local farms, that are in season, will be featured on our menu.” Roper cordially invites one and all to join her for a meal that she believes will have you coming back again and again.

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