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Hoops roundup

FDA highlights

Dec. 13

FDA vs Morgan

Boys: 56-32 loss

Sawyer Fosset: 11 points

Lance McInvale: seven points and seven rebounds

Girls: 76-41 win

Avery Royal: 24 points and 13

Lily VanDyke: 17 points

Cahley Acreman: 12 points, 14 assists and seven steals

(Acreman broke single game assist recored)


Dec. 14

FDA vs Snook Christian

Boys: 57-29 win

Brady Long: 19 points and nine rebounds

Brody Stringer: eight points and five rebounds


Dec. 17

FDA vs Chambers

Boys: 33-35 loss

Sawyer Fossett: 12 points and nine rebounds

Clay Benson: eight points

Ethan Alfor: three points and 11 rebounds

Girls: 50-36 win

Lily VanDyke: 17 points and 12 rebounds

Cahley Acreman: 12 points and eight rebounds

Avery Royal: 11 points, 15 rebounds and eight blocks


Dec. 18

FDA vs Lee Scott

Christmas Tournament

Girls: 60-30 loss, (second place)

Lily VanDyke: 17 points, All Tournament Team

Cahley Acreman: All Tournament Team


Sawyer Fossett: All Tournament Team


Georgiana highlights

Dec. 14

Georgiana vs Highland Home

Boys: 49-45 loss

Nasir Cheatham (freshman): 12 points

Girls: 52-41 win

Lillie Boggan (freshman): 21 points

Alexea Bess: 15 points and 11 rebounds

Angel Haynes: 10 points


Dec. 16

Georgiana vs Andalusia

Boys (8-3): 76-51 win

Josh Sims: 17 points

Zach Boggan: 12 points and 13 rebounds

Amari Feagin: 12 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks

Nasir Cheatham: 12 points

Jacob Lowery: eight points, 10 rebounds and seven assists

Girls: 74-62 loss

Angel Haynes: 15 points

Lillie Boggan: 13 points

Alexia Bess: 12 points and 12 rebounds


McKenzie highlights

Dec. 16

McKenzie vs Luverne

Boys: 56-43 loss

Jay Jackson: 12 points

Jaylen McMillian: 12 points

Girls: 43-10 loss

Armani Womack: six points

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