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FDA holds soccer camp

Last week Fort Dale soccer coach Josh WIldermuth hosted a soccer camp for kids K-6.  A total of 22 participants came to the three-day event.  Wildermuth was assisted by varsity boys’ soccer player Brodie Killough.  When asked to describe the camp, Coach Wildermuth said, “Each day we worked on ball skill drills as a warm up. The younger kids played games like sharks and minnows and landmines, which are games that provide a ton of touches on the ball. The older kids (grades 3-6) worked on ball touch drills, passing drills, finishing drills, and 1v1skills.”  The 1v1 drills provided the offensive players opportunities to use their skills and imaginations to beat their defenders while providing the defensive players practice in how to press the ball and how to recover if they lost the ball. The culminating event of each day was “World Cup Soccer” in which each team played about three small-sized games on small goals. (Kathy Pickens | The Standard)

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