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CTE promotes confidence


The Greenville Standard


Two senior students representing the Butler County School System Career and Technical Education (CTE) Academy at Greenville High School (GHS) had the opportunity to present their projects to the public on Wednesday, Jan. 18.

Landon McLain, a student of drafting, went first and gave a presentation of his project which consists of an outdoor venue for student gatherings.

He noted his classmates help and their collaboration in developing the design. He indicated it was truly a group effort, complete with brainstorming and discussions of possible ideas for the project.

The project which is already underway will have a concrete sidewalk, which will lead to grassed areas with benches and picnic tables, a swing, and possibly a barbecue grill.

Carley Boutwell, a student of welding and construction, went next and presented her project, which was a two story playhouse complete with a swing set and a rock climbing wall and is nearly completed.

She also noted her classmates help and collaboration with drafting, construction, and welding.

She went on to thank businesses that donated materials for the project and noted a fundraiser raised $400.

Both Boutwell and McLain stated the projects helped to develop their trade skills and they would enter the workforce with confidence.

A project is part of the CTE program for seniors and they receive credits for completion.

Butler County School Superintendent Joe Eiland said, “I am so thankful and very excited about things happening in our Butler County CTE Academy.”

He extended a gracious thank you to Rick Eddins (CTE Building Construction Technologies Instructor) for his passion to teach and inspire young minds and talents and Rheta McClain (Butler County Career Academy Director) for her continuous leadership as CTE director.

He also indicated there will be a public auction for the playhouse and swing. It was noted during Boutwell’s presentation that several offers had already been made by people wanting to purchase the playhouse.

Both McClain and Eddins noted that construction professionals are needed and most welcome to assist CTE students with projects and their expertise would aid in the students’ knowledge and experience.

If you would like to volunteer your services to teach students construction trade specifics you may contact Rheta McClain@ or call 334-382-2655 ext. 1205.

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  1. Sherry Prevett on January 25, 2023 at 5:43 pm

    Both students are inspiring and are positive role models. Congratulations to each student!

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