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ALEA encourages Alabamians to make safety part of their holiday fun

Across Alabama, families and friends will gather to celebrate Independence Day with parades, parties and fireworks. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) reminds Alabamians safety is important when traveling Alabama roadways or waterways, and when celebrations involve fireworks.

“Safety is always a priority, particularly as Independence Day weekend festivities may involve alcohol and may result in traffic or boating crashes, injuries and fatalities,” Alabama’s Secretary of Law Enforcement Stan Stabler said. “By all means, have fun. Just designate a driver to get you home safely, whether on the water or roadway.”

To spread this safety message, ALEA is participating in the national campaign Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. ALEA’s Director of Public Safety John Richardson said, “Troopers assigned to Highway Patrol and Marine Patrol will work to reduce the number of alcohol-related crashes and fatalities on Alabama roadways and waterways.”

Troopers will bolster enforcement efforts beginning Friday, July 1, and running through midnight Monday, July 4.

During the previous year, the Fourth holiday travel period was from Friday, July 3, through midnight Sunday, July 5, during which Troopers investigated five fatalities on roadways and two boating fatalities.

Stabler said, “We look forward to joining our county and municipal law enforcement partners to reduce injuries and deaths during this holiday period by enforcing traffic, boating and alcoholic beverage laws.”

In addition, Stabler offered the following safety tips:559182a3d7fba_image

  • Avoid driving or boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Buckle up on the road or on the water — no matter how short your trip. Occupants of all ages should use seat belts or child restraints when traveling by motor vehicles. On waterways, all occupants of water vessels should use U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets.
  • Focus on driving or boating, and avoid such distractions as texting and using cell phones.
  • Restrict access and closely monitor teens to prevent underage use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Take care while traveling through construction zones as drivers pose the greatest danger in these areas by speeding, not paying attention and driving while impaired or distracted.

Troopers will work additional patrol shifts with grants from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and the Alabama Department of Transportation.


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