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The Butler County School System is in need of school bus drivers for the 2016-2017 school term.

According to Slade Piggott, who works with the BCSS as a transportation supervisor, they are currently looking to fill several positions.

“Right now, we are looking for substitute drivers,” said Piggott.

“If a permanent position opens, we will be looking to fill that position from our existing pool of part-time drivers.”

Piggott added that becoming a substitute driver is a process, but the employees at the BCSS bus shop are more than willing to assist anyone who is interested in a position.

“Drivers must have a CDL license, Class B,” said Piggott.

“They have to be certified to drive students. Once they get their CDL, they have to complete a four-training that can be done through our bus shop. After that is completed, we have to notify the state, and the person will then complete the state driving test.”

Piggott added that a background check and drug test are also part of the application process.

“We have bus manuals available at the shop,” Piggott said. “We want to try to help applicants any way we can.”

Currently, substitute bus drivers are paid $35 a day, but event trips, such as field trips and football games, do pay a little more.

Full-time drivers make $12,000 per year with full benefits.

For more information about the application process, please contact Slade Piggott or Mary Till at the BCSS bus garage at 334-382-5616 or at 334-368-4630.



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